We listen to your motivations and aspirations and provide you opportunities that meet those criteria. Recruiters at Focus Consulting Partners are more than just well networked. We build relationships with C-level executives and department heads that make the hiring decisions. These executives take guidance and counsel from us when evaluating their interview selections. At Focus Consulting Partners, we have been the catalyst for many long and successful careers. We look forward to working with you.


a consultant that is honest, respectful and hardworking a consultant that is knowledgeable in your area of expertise a consultant that offers you opportunities that match your requirements a consultant that follows up on emails and phone inquiries in a timely manner
a consultant that has strong relationships and knows the inside story a consultant that provides useful, practical interview preparation advice a consultant that assists you in resume preparation and polishing a consultant that is experienced in negotiating strong offers


Meeting with a consultant. You may have been contacted by email or phone by one of our consultants. The main purpose here is to introduce ourselves and discover if the opportunity we have in mind for you is a match. If so, we will probably ask you to come in to meet with us face to face at our office in Akasaka. The meeting will be between30 minutes to an hour. We will assess your skills and offer some ideas that may be of interest to you. It is a good chance to meet a professional consultant in your industry and ask some questions that you may be wondering about.
Opportunity discussion. Now that your consultant has a clear picture of your skills, experience and expectations, he will provide the opportunity to you. Feel free to ask questions about the company, the Japan office, report lines, salary range and hiring manager as well as any other aspects of the job you are curious about. You may also be interested in knowing how you compare with other professionals in similar companies. Your Focus Consulting Partners consultant will have experience meeting with dozens of similar professionals in your industry and job function.
Resume introduction and interview process. Your profile will be introduced to the client in a discrete and confidential manner. We will tell the client about you. Your resume is only a one part of the picture. We will also guide you through the interview process, providing details about what the client is really looking for and what the hiring manager is expecting for his team.
Offer negotiation and on-boarding process. We are highly skilled in negotiating strong offers on behalf of our candidates. We will ensure that you get the best offer possible while still respecting the clients circumstances and limitations. We will also stick with you throughout the onboarding process and through your first few weeks at your new company. If there is anything we can do to help with this important transition in your professional career, we are here for you.